bigflannel Portfolio

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bigflannel Portfolio will be updated as features are added or bugs are fixed. The latest version of bigflannel Portfolio will always be found here. To update your portfolio, download the latest version, unzip the download folder, upload and replace the file index.php and the folder bigflannel-portfolio on your web host with file index.php and the folder bigflannel-portfolio from your download.


The upgrade to version 100 is different from previous upgrades. Although the options remain unchanged and are the same for both Flash and HTML5 versions, they are set in a new document conf.php. Transpose your current settings to this new document, add any additional settings such as the apiKey, and you are ready to upload the contents of your bigflannel Portfolio download to a folder on your server. Future upgrades will require replacement of the bigflannel-portfolio folder and index.php file alongside amendments and or additions to conf.php. Additional video and or logos etc. are best placed in the bigflannel-portfolio-media folder.