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Using bigflannel Portfolio as a Page Element

To use bigflannel Portfolio as a page element, use conf.php settings: sitePlacement, hasElementSize, elementWidth, elementHeight, and aspectRatio. To use bigflannel Portfolio in a publishing system, such as Wordpress or Joomla, also use a setting $pathToPortfolio.

1) Place the element where you need it on a PHP page. To do this, paste the code in the document attached to this post (see below: element.php) into your PHP page where needed.

2) Place the folder bigflannel-portfolio in the same folder as your PHP page OR if you are using bigflannel Portfolio in a publishing system, decide on the static folder you will place the folder bigflannel-portfolio in and then edit the code you paste into your publishing system above, inserting the path to the static folder. For example, if the static folder is at '', add '/bigflannel/'.

$pathToPortfolio = '/bigflannel/';

Make sure the path you specify begins and ends with a forward slash. The static folder must be at the same domain as the page loading the portfolio.

3) Edit your conf.php file and place it in the same folder as the bigflannel-portfolio folder (but not in the bigflannel-portfolio folder). Use the conf.php settings above as follows:

If sitePlacement is set as element and hasElementSize is true, set the size of the element using elementWidth and elementHeight or by defining a height and width for div #website using CSS or javascript. If sitePlacement is set as element and hasElementSize is false, specify an aspectRatio and the element will fill the width available with height set by aspectRatio. With hasElementSize set as false, the element is responsive.

There is more information on these settings at the end of this page (they are the final settings discussed):

Full Options List

This is an example

Here are the conf.php settings for the example above (the last one on the page)