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Version History

Version History

1) Refactored and encapsulated all javascript code to improve load speeds and performance.
2) Amendment made to display of captions. Caption box width set to width of caption text (and not caption title) if a short title and shortish caption. Allows for a short title with a longer non-breaking caption text.
1) All data calls now asynchronous to improve responsiveness.
2) Updated jQuery to v1.11.0.
3) Added for development.
4) Timing improved when using an opening logo in transition to first screen.
5) Timing improved on album slideshow to prevent it catching up with itself.
6) Improved error messaging for Instagram / Vimeo feeds and user IDs for About page.
7) Improved previous and next navigation when viewing a video.
8) Opening slideshow does not fade image repeatedly if only one image in the slideshow.
9) Improved the display of links in About page.
10) Updated html5shiv.js to v3.7.0.
11) Improved window resizing with Paul Irish and John Hann window debounce code.
12) Updated jquery.fullscreen to 1.1.5 from 1.1.4.
13) Updated spin.js to 1.3.3 from 1.2.7.
14) Updated jQuery UI Touch Punch to 0.2.3 from 0.2.2.
15) Improved the image transition on mobile making the action smoother.
16) Reconciled error messaging with Flash element error messaging.
17) Improved image fading when hasFadeRate is true, certain values such as .3 used to result in a flicker in the image as it fades up.
Bug fixes.
1) Upgraded swfobject to version 2.2. Fixes an error that closed the browser window in IE7 on Windows XP on PC.
1) Portfolio was freezing when some installations of mySQL returned NULL for an image's tags and has been fixed.
2) Stopped the opening slideshow (and album slideshow) overriding other clicks such as clicking on a gallery button.
3) Site caption text color now set by siteTextColor when siteColor is custom.
4) Captions did not display on Retina tablets and has been fixed.
1) Applied stepped image loading to opening slideshow as well as albums.
2) If hasSound is album, and a private album has sound attached to it, it is now played.
3) Portfolio no longer freezes when clicking PREV on the first image in a single album in a single gallery when hasAlbumClickthrough is true.

Bug Fix.
1) jQuery updated from 1.9.0 to 1.10.1. Fixes an error that closed the browser window in IE7/8 on PC.

1) Opening slideshow now shows verticals paired if Portfolio set to pair verticals.

Bug Fix
1) Implemented the stepped option added in version 106 correctly.

New Features
1) Added the setting 'stepped' to imageHeight if hasImageSizing is set as true.
2) Added support for embedding public Vimeo videos.
3) Added support for embedding your Vimeo feed.
4) Added support for embedding your Instagram feed.
5) Added support for private galleries.
1) Added crossdomain.xml error message.
1) Added error messaging throughout.
Bug Fix
1) Captions were not displaying properly when 'hasDoubleVerticals' => true and has been fixed.

New Features
1) Added a path to bigflannel Portfolio option so bigflannel Portfolio can be used in a dynamic website such as Wordpress or Joomla etc. $pathToPortfolio in index.php or element.php (the code you paste into a dynamic page).
2) Amended text coloring in light version to be same in Flash and HTML5, new defaults are:
'siteUpColor' => '000000',
'siteDownColor' => '999999',
'siteSetColor' => 'CCCCCC',
'siteTextColor' => '999999',
3) Added the option hasAlbumClickthrough. If hasAlbumClickthrough is true, album previous and next buttons and album slideshow will cycle through albums and galleries rather than within an album. If hasAlbumClickthrough is false, album previous and next buttons and album slideshow cycle within an album.
'hasAlbumClickthrough' => true,
'hasAlbumClickthrough' => false,
4) Added logic to mark a selected gallery if it only has one album in it.
1) Updated jQuery and all plugins to improve overall html5 performance.
2) Added a fullscreen button which displays if hasFullscreenButton is true and the browser is capable.
3) Added scrollbar styling which displays if browser is capable.
4) Amended site sizing on mobile to work better in landscape.
5) Amended no loading graphic (static spinner).
6) Amended mobile navigation bar graphics.
7) Logos added to the Portfolio using hasSiteLogo and siteLogo are constrained to the window width.
8) Made various js code improvements.
9) Added a close button to the about page and the mobile navigation page.
Bug Fixes
1) Fixed a bug that caused the flash portfolio to hang when loading the portfolio to an album deep link
1) Fixed a bug that caused styling applied to a link added to an image using SSP Director to be applied to links within the text of the caption title and body. Styling now applies to SSP Director link only.
2) Fixed a bug where the gallery buttons did not work when opening to a desktop HTML5 portfolio with slideshow.

New Features
1) Added template version to template code.
2) Added option captionGalleryAlbumText to control whether the gallery and album titles are displayed in a caption.
3) Added option captionPosition to control position of caption. Values can be: tl, bl, tr, br.
3) Improved caption sizing.
4) Added a fade to the opening logo.
5) Chosen image in album's thumbnail marked by remaining at 50%.
1) Improved code for use of Portfolio as a page element. Either specify an element width and height, or for a responsive element, specify an aspect ratio.
2) Added audio capabilities to match the Flash version.
3) Added padding to the nav bar logo.
Bug Fixes
1) Fixes an issue where Flash would not load in Firefox when using the Portfolio as an element.
2) Removed a background to the About page photo (when user photo added in SSP Director).
1) Fixes an issue where Flash version displayed on Android.
2) Fixes an issue where the caption did not fade down when dark or custom color settings used.
3) Fixes an issue where images loaded to size of browser not size of screen.
4) Improved caption removal when multiple images have captions and user clicks through quickly.
5) Fixes captions with links not having a background.
6) Fixes an issue where if hasLink = true with one link added and the second link variables => '' link does not show.

Bug Fixes
1) Fixes an issue where Flash version displayed on Android.
2) Fixes an issue where the caption did not fade down when dark or custom color settings used.

Bug Fixes
1) Fixes an issue where thumbnails were displayed on Retina devices with small screens when they should not.
2) Fixes an issue where the caption displayed, if it's display were delayed, after clicking on gallery navigation and the image had been removed.
3) Fixes an issue where long filenames could extend beyond the caption box.

New Feature
1) Added Tyepkit support. Submit your domains to to receive a Tyepkit ID to run Ratio Display on your HTML5 version of the Portfolio in addition to your Flash version, or create your own Typekit account and configure your Typekit embed and fonts in conf.php.
1) Added index.php files to all folders in bigflannel Portfolio to stop listing of the folder contents.
Bug Fixes
1) Background elements in the Portfolio not displaying correctly when siteColor set as custom. Fixed
2) If hasAlbumSlideshow set as true, Portfolio always auto started the slideshow. Fixed.
1) Images were not displaying correctly in Firefox and older browsers on the desktop in HTML5 after Retina support was enabled. Fixed.
2) Mobile HTML5 version album slideshow was on regardless of hasAlbumSlideshow setting. Fixed
3) Caption only displayed on touch navigation screen if both title and caption were not blank, not if either were not blank. Link was not added. Fixed.
4) Caption was displaying on iPhone if Retina iPhone. Fixed.
5) Changed .offset to .position in thumbNavLeftClick() and thumbNavRightClick(), .offset is relative to the document, .position the object's container, which it needs to be if an element and not full window.
6) Amended addition of classes based on siteColor in setDefaultData() to reflect sitePlacement.

New Feature
1) full HTML5 support on both desktops and mobile.

New Feature
1) set whether the Portfolio plays audio: either a single file of your choosing, or album audio in SlideShowPro Director.
1) setting hasAlbumSlideshow as true and albumNavType as graphic caused the Portfolio to hang when clicking on a gallery button whilst the slideshow was playing.

New Feature
1) set whether the Portfolio uses text or graphics as the album navigation and additionally specify the text and graphics if you choose.

New Features
1) set whether the Portfolio loads your original image, or an image sized to the height of the screen, or a height of your choosing, using hasImageSizing. Set image compression and sharpening using imageCompression and imageSharpening.
2) if you choose for the Portfolio to load sized images, you can also set it to display Watermarks you have uploaded and applied to an album in SlideShowPro Director.
3) set image captions to be displayed after a delay using siteCaptionDelayTime.

New Features
1) use a splash image or graphic of any size in place of a site logo using hasSiteLogo, siteLogo and siteLogoConstrained. With siteLogoConstrained set as false, the image or graphic is placed without resizing.
2) set the rate of the opening slideshow cross fade and of all other fades using hasFadeRate and fadeRate.
3) set the alpha of the site background canvas when siteColor is set as custom using siteCanvasAlpha.
1) if an image has a link and no title or caption, and hasCaption is set as true, a caption with a link is displayed, the caption reads Link.
2) if siteOpening is set as album and the gallery specified to open too has only one album, no gallery navigation is displayed.
3) an error message displays when an active gallery contains no albums.
1) the Portfolio previously hung if an image had a link and no title or caption.

1) the Portfolio previously hung if set to display a logo for an amount of time when opening to an album or gallery. This was fixed.

New Features
1) choose to open the Portfolio to a slideshow, gallery menu or album of using siteOpening.
2) set albums slideshow navigation using hasAlbumSlideshow, autostart using albumSlideshowAuto and set timing using albumSlideshowTime.
3) the Portfolio About page now displays a user photo if one is added. It is cropped to 150px by 150px.
4) choose to make external links open in a new window using has hasNewWindowLinks.
5) using hasLink, three additional links (or text if no web address is supplied) can now be added to the navigation bar.
6) additionally add a Portfolio title, contact telephone number and email address to the mobile pages using a new index.html template.
1) Google Analytics have amended the code supplied to be embedded in a web page. For Portfolio page views to be tracked, additional code must be added to the Google Analytics code.
1) the Portfolio previously hung if set to pair verticals (hasDoubleVerticals set as true) with images set to display at their original size or smaller (hasLimitedSizeImage set as true).

New Options
1) choose to add a Google +1 link using hasGooglePlus and SiteGooglePlusAddress.
2) choose to display captions or not, and how long they display for, using hasCaption and siteCaptionTime.
3) choose to make the opening slideshow random using slideshowOrder.
4) set the overall appearance of your portfolio using siteColor and a range of settings.
5) choose to load a separate logo, to the main site logo, for the portfolio navigation bar using hasNavBarLogo and navBarLogo.
1) if there is no display and first or last name in the About information for a user, the about text now starts 10 pixels lower than before.

New Options
1) choose a style for the opening slideshow using slideshowType. The style can either be bleed (the default) or bordered (the new style).
2) choose to name a font for the portfolio using hasFontName and siteFontName.

New Options
1) choose to set only those galleries you want rather than those you don't want using hasWantedGalleries and siteWantedGalleries.
2) choose to display album thumbnails, have them show only on rollover, or remove them completely from an all album using hasThumbnailStyle and albumThumbnailStyle.

Bug Fix
1) clicking on an image thumbnail in an album before all thumbnails were loaded caused duplicate thumbnails to be loaded. This has been fixed.

New Options
1) amend the color of the portfolio loading bar using hasSpotColor and siteSpotColor.
2) limit the display of images to be their original size or less using hasLimitedSizeImage. It works the same way as hasLimitedSizeVideo.
3) remove the fullscreen button using hasFullscreenButton.
4) set the opening slideshow interval in milliseconds using hasSlideshowTime and slideshowTime.
Portfolio Amendments
1) open to a slideshow with no gallery buttons using hasUnwantedGalleries = true, siteUnwantedGalleries = 'all', hasSlideshow = true, and set the album with siteOpeningAlbumID. siteUnwantedGalleries = 'all' is the amendment.
2) the opening portfolio slideshow is paused if the About button is clicked during play, it now restarts when the About page is closed.
Bug Fix
1) clicking on a gallery button of a gallery the user is already in, that only contains one album, no longer throws an error.

Upgrade features:
1) additional logic for upgraded SSP albums with no tags
2) option to add an additional link to the portfolio header bar

Upgrade features:
1) set the length of time the site opening logo (if being used) remains on screen using options hasSiteLogoTime and logoTimeOnScreen.

Upgrade features:
1) portfolio now displays an error if there is a gallery with no name.

Upgrade includes the following amendments:
1) if there is no user Display name or user First / Last name, the portfolio About page title is blank not the user Username. Learn more
2) logo load amended and logo load error messages added

Upgrade features:
1) set the size of album thumbnails using options hasThumbnailSize and albumThumbnailHeight;
2) set the text of the About button using hasAboutText and siteAboutText.

Original release