bigflannel Portfolio

Koken Theme



26 March 2017
amended theme so fully integrates with ImageProtect plugin
see amendments to marked with ImageProtect fix


22 October 2016
amended thumbgrid panel image information display
added thumbgrid panel image information display setting
added prev and next to thumbgrid panel
added share buttons to thumbgrid panel
improved thumbgrid panel code


17 October 2016
moved featured albums below thumbgrid


16th October 2016
added GIT versioning


31 July, 2016
added featured albums to the home page
fixed display of featured images in thumbgrid on contents and archive.contents page (was displaying favorites)
added pagination to archive.contents.lens


27 July, 2016
added number of essays to show setting to essays and archive.essays
added a setTimeout bigflannel Thumbgrid js to give the browser some overhead for rendering an added thumbgrid panel, means captions displayed properly (
moved thumbgrid resize call from to to synchronize with setting slideshow height
amended use of album.title and essay.title in link tags so using in a title does not break display of title
added pagination to contents.lens


March, 2016
amended display of site title and tagline on mobile
added a new preview image


February, 2016
amended release numbers
amended demo URL in info.json
added new preview
corrected CSS request for Gentium Book Basic for body


November, 2015
added a setting to display featured images on essays pages
fixed slideshow navigation so displays correctly regardless of use of large title
limited essays and archive.essays to display 10 posts
amended column width of albums on album page so 4 set well across whole breakpoint


October 25, 2015
amended settings.css.lens to load minified font css
added padding to the main element on essay and text pages
amended title text displayed over a slideshow to not display until slideshow displays
added Google Analytics to the theme settings
added styling to admin site content notifications in site section
amended album page to display correctly when unlisted
html encoded caption data passed through img tags to javascript
amended so slideshow navigation on any page only shows if there is more than 1 image


October 18, 2015
initial release